What Kate needs for the office...

Kate's office
Kate's office

Kate has a two Hewlett-Packard printers in her office. One is a laser printer, the other a colour printer/copier/scanner. Both are in constant use for the school.

She needs replacement ink cartridges for both printers as these are not available locally (indeed to buy the Deskjet cartridges, Kate would have to go to Addis Ababa).

The ink cartridge details are:

HP 49A for HP LaserJet 1320

HP 121 tri-colour for HP Deskjet F2483

HP 121 black for HP Deskjet F2483

If you can help, please send one cartridge at a time by post to the address below. Do not send two or more cartridges together, as consignments containing more than one cartridge are seized by Customs in Addis Ababa and incur import duty.

Mrs Kate Fereday Eshete
Empress Mentewab School
PO Box 10
Simien Mountains

The postal service to Debark is very reliable. Kate acknowledges receipt of cartridges.

at work with Jenny
at work with Jenny