To send gifts for the schoolchildren and their families...

Supporters may send gifts for the children which they can take home:
  • clothes
  • footwear
  • nail clippers
  • toy cars/trucks/aeroplanes
  • footballs
  • dolls
  • recorders
  • umbrellas
  • towels
  • blankets
When there are large quantities of gifts, Kate distributes them by lottery. She makes up roughly equal bags of different items, numbers the bags, and the children pick the numbers out of a hat.

"lottery" winnings
"lottery" winnings

A good way to send gifts is in polythene mail-bags. Kate washes and re-uses the mail-bags. They have a variety of uses, including being cut up and used with other plastic, paper and card for collage-making by the schoolchildren.

When writing the address on the polythene mail-bag, use a thick permanent-ink marker and cover the address with transparent tape to ensure it cannot be erased in transit.

mail-bags washed and hung out to dry
mail-bags washed and hung out to dry

Send parcels or mail-bags to:

Mrs Kate Fereday Eshete
Empress Mentewab School
PO Box 10
Simien Mountains

The post to Debark is reliable. Kate acknowledges receipt of parcels and mail-bags.