2015 October - Jotters for Schoolchildren

The school re-opened on 1 October for the 2015-16 academic year (2008 according to the Ethiopian calendar). Every year each child in Grades 1 to 4 chooses four jotters – for Amharic, English, Mathematics and Environmental Science. In addition, jotters are provided to those schoolchildren who learn French. Ethiopian jotters come in a range of cover designs to suit every taste.

At this time of year donations are particularly helpful because of the expense of providing jotters and pens for the primary schoolchildren and of stocking the classrooms with whiteboard markers. We also give each child a pair of sandals. All these items are bought in the city of Gonder, about 120 km (70 miles) away to the south-west, and have to be transported to the school.

choosing their jotters
choosing their jotters