2012 September - School Re-opening

Empress Mentewab School re-opens for the 2012-13 academic year on Monday, 17 September, following the New Year celebrations on 11 September (1 Meskerem 2005, according to the Ethiopian calendar).

Now is a good time to pay the school fees for a child or to make a general donation to the school.

In early September the school's expenditure is higher than usual as Kate stocks up on medical supplies (tetracycline eye ointment, antibiotics), children's de-worming tablets and syrup, multi-vitamin syrup with calcium, maize (popcorn) and biscuits for snacks, jotters, and footwear.

She also needs to buy new straw mattresses for the children's gymnastics because naughty donkeys ate the contents of the old ones!

Please support the school. See GIVE for information on how to do this.