2012 March - School Storytime

Thanks to supporters who have donated books and donated money to buy books, Empress Mentewab School has a good stock of pre-school picture books, story books, and readers in Amharic and English.

"Whenever I visit Gondar or Addis Ababa, I always take the opportunity to buy children's books from Mega, the state-owned bookshop chain, or from privately-owned bookshops such as Book World or Universal Bookshop," said Kate.

One book she bought in Addis Ababa in February was Cheray's Great Run, a beautifully-illustrated picture book by Michael Daniel Ambatchew, an Ethiopian author.

Cheray is an ostrich who participates in the Great Ethiopian Run and comes first, winning 15,000 birr.

The children in the Infants 2 class enjoyed the story - they had never seen a picture of an ostrich before. They did not know about the great Ethiopian runner, Haile Gebre-selassie, so Kate told them about him and his Olympic achievements.

storytime for Infants 2
storytime for Infants 2

Please see the GIVE section for more information about donating books to the school or donating money to enable Kate to buy school books locally.