2011 Internet Disconnection

Since Kate completed the move to Dib Bahir at the end of October 2010, she has been unable to connect to the Internet using her wireless terminal. The problem (she has now learnt) is caused by fixed wireless terminals in Ethiopia being restricted to use in designated localities. Kate's fixed wireless terminal only works in Gondar City.

Having had three Internet-free months (during which she was very preoccupied running Empress Mentewab School), Kate decided it was time to get back online, so she travelled to the town of Debark on Monday, 7 February 2011. Unfortunately, the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation staff there were unable to help; she was referred to Gondar, 100 kilometres to the south-west.

After a long, hot bus journey to Gondar, Kate explained her problem to the ETC staff there and they said they would see what they could do. Meanwhile, having carried her wireless terminal and laptop from Dib Bahir, Kate was able to go online and start to deal with the large backlog of messages waiting for her.

"Apologies for the long wait some of you have had for replies to enquiries," she says. "But this is Ethiopia, and obstacles and delays are part of life here. I'm coping as best I can. Please bear with me while I deal with everyone's messages."

Kate hopes to have her Internet connection problems resolved soon.