2010 UK Charity supports Empress Mentewab School

Chris Grant, Director of Link Ethiopia, was in Gondar in April 2010 and Kate took the opportunity to discuss with him the possibility of donations and school fees for Empress Mentewab School passing through Link Ethiopia.

Link Ethiopia is a UK-based charity that helps schools in Ethiopia. Its office is in London. In the past Link Ethiopia has made substantial donations to Empress Mentewab School.

Chris kindly agreed to accept donations and school fees from Empress Mentewab School's supporters. Link Ethiopia regularly sends funds to its office in Gondar, so donations and school fees for Empress Mentewab School can easily be forwarded from there to the school's bank account in Debark.

"The advantage for donors is that they need not incur any bank charges," explained Kate. "Furthermore, where a donor is a UK tax-payer, Link Ethiopia will be able to reclaim the Gift Aid, which will go towards its overheads (including covering bank transfer charges)."