2010 Kate helps Cancer Victim

breast cancer
breast cancer
In early May 2010, Kate arranged for Mrs Y from Dib Bahir to travel 120 kilometres to Gondar, accompanied by her sister.

Mrs Y had breast cancer, which Kate had learnt about in April. There is no surgeon at the nearest hospital, which is in Debark, so Mrs Y needed to travel to Gondar Hospital, but could not afford to do so.

On 10 May 2010, Kate discussed Mrs Y's case with Dr Bernard Anderson, an American surgeon working at Gondar Hospital, and that afternoon Dr Anderson examined Mrs Y.

In June, Dr Anderson operated on Mrs Y and removed her cancerous right breast.

"The total travel and subsistence costs for Mrs Y and her sister to make three trips to Gondar (to register and make an appointment, to have a consultation with Dr Anderson, and to have the operation) amounted to 1,400 birr - that's about £70," says Kate. "I paid for this out of a general donation I received, as Mrs Y and her sister are very poor and would have struggled to find this amount of money."

Due to Mrs Y's poverty, Gondar Hospital did not charge her for the cost of the operation. The only medical expense was 10 birr (50p) for a pair of sterile gloves.

Mrs Y is now back home, having recovered from her operation. She feels much more comfortable now that the painful cancerous breast has been removed.

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Kate with Mrs Y after the operation
Kate with Mrs Y after the operation

Post Script: Mrs Y passed away in the summer of 2011.