2010 Link with Welsh School

In 2010 Empress Mentewab School linked with Ffairfach Primary School in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

The Welsh school has 120 pupils aged 4 to 11, and is located near Breacon Beacons National Park. By September 2016, Empress Mentewab School will have 180 pupils aged 3 to 11, and it is situated next to the Simien Mountains National Park.

"The two schools seem ideally matched, both being small and serving remote rural communities," said Kate.

In July 2010 Kate visited Ffairfach School and Meinir Morgan, the Headmistress, presented her with £300 raised by the school to be used to create a sand pit at Empress Mentewab School.

"I bought so much sand that the sand pit is more of a sand mountain," said Kate. "In fact, the children have a lot of fun climbing up and jumping off the sand mountain."

The sand is black river sand brought by lorry from Zarema, 20 kilometres north of Dib Bahir.

sand play
sand play