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Whopping Great Spider

“But what about the spiders?”

That’s the first question my relatives always ask me. Spider bites are small but painful – I’ve been bitten six times and now always sit with my feet off the floor in the evening! I’ll spare you the photograph of my leg, peppered with circular discolourations in various shades of red and purple depending on the age of the bite. Instead, here’s a photo of a spider that didn’t bite me. The body is an inch long. She’s a beauty, isn’t she?

I used to be as frightened of spiders as any of my relatives, but, after moving to Ethiopia, curiosity overcame my arachnophobia and I bought a marvellous book on insects that taught me to see spiders in a different light. Living in a mud hut in the tropics, insects do tend to encroach on our living space rather more than I would like. However, nowadays spiders found in our house are carefully resettled outside rather than being beaten to death with a broom in a fear-induced frenzy.

an unidentified species of spider
an unidentified species of spider