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Seven Fatherless Children

Today I visited my sister-in-law who lives in a tiny two-room mud hut in Debark's slums.

She has seven children. Last year her husband abandoned them and ran off with a young woman with whom he fell in love. The family of eight lives on my eldest niece's wage. She is 18 and works as a secretary, so her earnings are not great. All the other children are at school or college, except Samuel, the youngest.

family in need
family in need

In Ethiopia, there is no Child Support Agency (such as in the UK) that can trace the absent father and force him to contribute to his children's care. There are no state benefits for vulnerable families.

I assist this family as much as I can, but there are so many of them that I cannot manage to support the family without additional help.

If you are willing to help this family, let me know using CONTACT ME. I am looking for someone to sponsor three-year-old Samuel for at least £16 monthly, with the sponsorship benefitting the whole family.

The sponsorship can be arranged (tax-efficiently) through The Kindu Trust, the UK charity I founded in 1998 to help needy children in Ethiopia. However, please communicate with me in the first instance.

NEWS FLASH (26 April 2014): It took a while, but I'm pleased to report that Samuel is now sponsored through The Kindu Trust. This will be a tremendous help to him and his family.