In Memoriam

Since Kate first came to Ethiopia in 1994, she has seen many tragic deaths that were often unnecessarily premature.

In this section, she pays tribute to these unfortunate people and animals whose lives were cut short because of poverty-related ignorance or the lack of medical or veterinary facilities. She wants them to be remembered and for their deaths not to have been in vain. Kate works towards preventing suffering and these untimely and often painful deaths remind us that there is much work to be done to extend and make happier the lives of all sentient beings in Ethiopia.

This section is work in progress and will grow as Kate finds the time to write the victims' stories and to insert photographs.

WARNING: Some of the images below are disturbing, so please beware.

Keep a box of tissues handy.

Feseha Gebru

An old man stung by bees in Gondar's slums

More than 1,000 Dogs in Gondar City

Local dogs poisoned because of the fear of rabies


A malformed kitten from the slums


A gharry horse with a broken femur