by Kelsang Pawo
I sat stilled above the valley
So beautiful, so wondrous the view,
Yet thoughts of Katy's compassion fill my mind,
What is it we can do?

Unknowing but well meaning voices
Too quick to play a haunting tune,
One day we will have the sight to see
And together. The children. We will respond too.

Kindly sponsors send their money
No question on their mind.
In their hearts the plight of the children
But complication - like winter frost takes a bite.

What are these mounting hurdles?
It is fear that clouds the sight.
All can be so perfect,
Give Kate support, for that is right.

Kate is a living angel
Suffering the clipping of wings,
Allow her vision, space to soar
Then little ones will eat.

Why the need to burden?
All angels are natural in flight.
Who are we to cage compassion?
It is to Kate we tie the weight.

Set free her loving kindness,
Set free her giving of life,
Let loose her boundless compassion
To rain on those in plight.

Katy, so very honest,
Unable to tell a lie,
Working every hour to create
A pillow for those to sleep.

Have faith in this girl's integrity,
Never doubt her purity of heart.
Help her with her calling,
All of us play our part.

Set her free to do things,
Ask how we can help,
Release the chains upon her,
Believe in this special girl.

I pray for a happy future
For Katy and all the rest.
Directly the children benefit
So can all the rest.

Kelsang Pawo, a Buddhist monk from England, visited the Tara Centre in Gonder in 2005, at a time when I was experiencing various obstacles to my work, all of which later disappeared. So Kelsang Pawo's prayer to Buddha must have worked!

This poem was published in the Tara Centre newsletter (Issue 1, December 2005).

I set up and ran the Tara Centre for five years, 2005-10. Located in central Gonder, it was a community centre and base for integrated projects that helped people, animals and the environment.

Tara Centre
Tara Centre