They say this is the romantic age...

by Oliver Fereday (1870-1948)
Oliver Fereday
Oliver Fereday
They say this is the romantic age
And that the old days gone by
Were drab, sad and sordid -
I don't know the reason why.

For the days that I remember
Were beautiful with a charm
And the days seemed bright and restful,
Full of an Old World calm.

They say this is the Romantic Age
With its horrible din and noise,
With its stink of oil and petrol,
And its loud and raucous cries.

In the days that I remember
Long before the motor car,
Then you found the country beautiful
And you need not travel far.

They say this is the Modern Age,
"Glorious" buildings about they dump -
And they take down an Old World cottage,
And put up a Petrol Pump.

In the times that I remember
Down the lanes you could safely walk,
You could enjoy the quiet of the countryside,
And hear your companion talk.

Then say Goodbye to the quiet age
If of Romance you want your fill.
Could you improve on the sweet duet
Twixt a motor bike and electric drill?

Lines written by Oliver Fereday, my great-grandfather, after returning from a walk in the country near Birmingham; and after being told that in this age there is romance in everything, if you only look.