2021 September - Tigray War

The covid death toll in Ethiopia now stands at 4,830. At this time, Ethiopians are more concerned about the Tigray War and other fighting in Ethiopia than about the pandemic.

This summer (the rainy season in Ethiopia), Tigrayan forces advanced into Amhara. They have besieged Debark. Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF), assisted by the Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) as well as Amhara fighters and militiamen, are defending the town. The village where Empress Mentewab School is located has been shelled by the Tigrayans. In Chenna, a village to the west, 125 people, including children, were massacred last week by retreating Tigrayan forces.

Schools in Debark woreda (county) will not be able to re-open this month. Empress Mentewab School remains closed.

9 September 2021