Empress Mentewab School

Registration of Pupils

Kate registers new Playgroup pupils at the school at the beginning of each academic year.

In general, if more children register for the Playgroup than there are places, choices are made according to:

(1) the location of the child (ease of reaching the school),

(2) the level of poverty of the family (an extremely poor family will be given priority), and

(3) the child's needs (priority will be given to physically handicapped children - regrettably, the school has no provision for mentally handicapped children).

Generally, only one child from each family joins the school, unless there is no pressure on places.

For the 2010-11 academic year - the first year the school was located in Dib Bahir - the children were selected by the local government kebele (district) office. Kate registered the children at the kebele office in March 2010. See the School Registration Day in the ARCHIVES section.

a father brings his son to register him
a father brings his son to register him